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Snow Globes, Snow Machines & More!

The holiday season is fast approaching, and it's time to start planning those festive gatherings that bring joy and cheer to your community.

Whether it's a school event, church gathering, or HOA celebration, Freedom Fun USA has the perfect mix of attractions to make your holiday festivities truly memorable.

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santa clause with our snow machine rental
christmas movie screen rental
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Popular Holiday Party Rentals

Giant Snow Globe Rentals
Starting at $699

Did you know our inflatable snow globes are custom-made by us? This means that you're getting the highest quality inflatable snow globe that's sure to be the centerpiece at your event.

It features a walk-in tunnel which is a MUST-HAVE at large events. This means that families can easily enter and exit the snow globe without it deflating everytime.

It also has a fun winter backdrop making it perfect for capturing photos they'll remember for a lifetime.

Our snow globes include fake snowballs for extra fun! You can have your own snowball fight inside our human snow globe.

kids playing inside a giant human snow globe inflatable rental
giant human snow globe rental at a church holiday party
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Freedom Frosty & Standard Snow Machines

Starting at $249

When it comes to Winter Wonderlands, you need snow! If you're in a climate where snow doesn't come naturally, then have no fear...Freedom is here!

Freedom Frosty is our most popular companion at holiday parties and it's easy to understand why. He's a cute snowman that shoots out serious snow over 20 feet in the air!

The snow isn't real, but it's just as fun. Watch as your guests walk through your holiday event and look up in awe as they snowflakes falling onto the ground.

Our snow machine rentals make for excellent photos and the kids love Freedom Frosty.

Freedom Frosty snow machine rental blowing snow

Pair with a snow globe and save $100!

christmas bounce house rental, snow globe rental and a snow machine rental setup outside a home
kids playing with our snow machine rental outside in a field
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Christmas Photo Booth Rentals

Starting at $399 for all day rentals!

Our photo booth rentals are affordable and completely customizable.

Key benefits include: Add your logo to each photo, visitors can scan a QR code or have it texted to them instantly, add digital props to each photo, take boomerangs, stills or gifs with the click of a button! 

It's no wonder why our photo booth rentals get such high reviews. You don't need a massive booth staffed by three technicians. Our photo booths are self serve and twice as fun! 

With so many options for your guests to choose from when they approach the photo booth, it makes the whole experience so much better and fun for everyone.

You even get a full gallery link sent to you afterwards and users are able to share their photos with messaging of your choosing instantly to social media.

Simple booth photo booth rental christmas activation

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Santa's Workshop

Starting at $799 for 2 hours

This is the coolest, most unique Christmas attraction you could have at your event!

Completely wrapped in Santa themed pictures, this inflatable game is guaranteed to be the hit of your party.

Santa's workshop inflatable interactive rental

How does it work?

Kids and adults of all ages enter inside and choose their team color. Up to 6 players can play at once! They'll try and hit these interactive pucks that light up randomly to score points while epic music plays in the background.

There's a digital scoreboard on the outside for viewers to keep up with the gameplay on the inside.

Matches last 45 seconds so we can rotate through TONS of people FAST.

It's fun, exhilarating and great for everyone!

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Christmas Themed Bounce House

Starting at $199 for all day rentals!

Christmas themed bounce house rental

Rent our bounce castle complete with Santa, presents and elves on the banner for the little ones to enjoy this holiday season!

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