The birth of Freedom Fun began...

In 2013 founder Tim Masters planned and performed his first mobile laser tag event along the banks of the San Gabriel River in Georgetown Texas. 

His customer was a boy celebrating his 8th birthday. Tim had spent weeks organizing work instructions and processes for the event – things the customer does not see, but things that make the event a success with the whole family. With Tim’s background in leadership, operations and process management, he was a stickler for specifics, knowing that quality is in the details. 

When the party was over, the little boy stood in front of him and said, “Coach Tim, that was the best birthday party I’ve ever had.” That was a life changing moment – Tim knew this was what he wanted to do – make kids and parents happy in their celebrations.


That moment, that little boy’s joy, continues to makeup the core of the Freedom Fun Brand. The idea of being able to deliver amazing and hassle-free events to a customer's location in a professional manner that is cost effective & profitable was born.

Tim really knew from that moment - Every Town in America needs a FREEDOM FUN USA.


How we got here

Tim Masters founded Freedom Party Rentals LLC & performed his first laser tag event in Georgetown Texas.

Tim is a disabled veteran & served in Operation Desert Storm.

Tim  worked for Dell from 1997 to 2018.

Zack Masters who was just 19 at the time worked with his father from the very first event.


Zack, now in a management role worked with his father to expand his product lines to Outdoor Movies, Archery Tag, and much more

The Tagline “Laser Tag, Movies & More - Delivered To Your Door” was born.


Growth continue as customer service & reputation spread across Texas.

Tim & Zack rebranded company to “Freedom Fun USA”.

Tim and Zack hire Franchise Consultant & plan to open up first locations in San Antonio & Dallas.


First franchise sold to Isaac & Elaine Castillo in San Antonio.

Tim, Zack, Isaac & Elaine attend first franchise trade show in Dallas.

COVID-19 epidemic hits. Freedom Fun adapts to stuck at home fun packs and then the highly successful launch of their new drive-in brand movie experience packages.


Freedom Fun Fort Worth opens March 5.

Freedom Fun Houston Opens October 16.

Freedom Fun Dallas Opens October 22.

Freedom Fun Indiana Opens Nov 6.