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Amaze Your Guests With Archery Tag At Your Event In Dallas

We deliver the best archery tag parties in Dallas Texas. Archery Tag is also known as archery dodgeball, bow tag, or combat archery. It is a fast-paced game that incorporates archery, dodgeball, and paintball in one game. Try and shoot your opponents while avoiding being hit with flying arrows. Special events no longer have to be inside, dull or boring!

⭐ Licensed, professional Archery Tag gear. We don't use knock off brands

⭐ Play team elimination, free for all or Zombie Archery!

⭐ All packages include masks, foam-tipped arrows, 6 bunkers, 10 bows & a Bluetooth speaker

⭐ Perfect for birthday parties, team building, bachelor parties & special events

⭐ Rotate through 100 players in an hour for large events

⭐ Recommended space is a basketball court size area. We can set up in smaller spaces with faster paced matches!

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Our archery tag rentals include 10 bows, 10 protective facemasks, 6 bunkers, and 20 foam-tipped arrows. Check out our add-ons section for more bows if you have lots of players and our unique Hoverball Inflatable Shooting Range which is a super-fun competitive side game.

Recommended For Ages 7+

Archery Tag

An exhilarating combo of archery and dodgeball for a unique event that will be remembered for a lifetime. Play games like team battle, free for all, zombie tag and more!

All Parties Include:

⭐ Licensed professional gear, we don't use unsafe knockoff brands.

⭐ 10 Bows & Protective Masks.

⭐ 20 Foam-Tipped Arrows.

⭐ Bluetooth Speaker to get your party rocking!



Pick Up


Drop Off


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$25 Set of 2


Dark environment only (INDOORS/DUSK). Great for indoor set ups when you turn the lights off.

$45 Qty 4
QTY: 4


Upgrade your package to a full set of 8 and we will setup the field for you. Partial barriers can also be rented.

$129 Daily


Pop up inflatable shooting range. Targets (BALLS) hover in the air over 4 cones. Guests try to shoot them down with bows & foam tipped arrows.

$15 Each


Our package includes 10 bows. Add more bows for more players to play at once.

$149 Daily


If you don't have power then let us bring the power to you.

$50 Hour


Add a Freedom Fun Attendant to help take care of the event so you can have peace of mind.

All Rentals Include

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How Do You Play Archery Tag?

Archery Tag is played like Dodge Ball but with BOWS AND ARROWS! The goal is to tag your opponents from your side of the field. You can also catch an arrow to get your opponent out and get a teammate back in. The team with the most players at the end, wins! The bows are easy to use and the arrows are foam tipped! Of course, we also use SAFETY EQUIPMENT! We have strict safety rules that the coaches enforce. This activity is exciting, a bit challenging and safe! Archery Tag is great for birthday parties for kids who are a little older and want the chance to see if they can hit their targets on the move. Their imagination can take them all over the universe! They can role play everything from Lord of the Rings battles to Hunger Games to Brave to Game of Thrones and beyond. The Archery Tag equipment rentals we offer are the safest and best available. We have experienced coaches who can supervise and provide support. This is the perfect activity for families, friends, teambuilders, and groups. It’s limited only by your imagination! If you’ve ever wanted to shoot your friends, this is your chance! All completely safe and thoroughly fun!

Community Events

Birthday Parties

Corporate Events

Team Builders

School Festivals

Church Events




All of our equipment is cleaned & sanitized before & after every event




Still have safety questions?

If you still have more questions about our safety standards feel free to contact us any time.

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Does archery tag require a deposit?

Yes, we require a 30% deposit to reserve our equipment. ‍

Does getting hit with the foam tipped arrows hurt?

No it doesn't! We provide protective head gear for all the players to wear. The foam tipped arrows won't leave any bruises or marks.

What is the age limit?

Archery tag is recommended for ages 7 and up.

Where can i play archery tag?

We have set up archery tag in gymnasiums, public parks, backyards, and even people's front yards! If you need assistance finding a good place to play, please reach out to us and we can help you find the perfect spot!

How much space do i need to play?

The standard field is 79ft x 36ft. However, we have set up smaller and larger archery tag fields before. Archery tag is very versatile and we can make almost any space work! Fill out a request form if you're unsure of your space!

What's your cancellation policy?

Don’t worry, with our “free rescheduling assurance policy", you are able to cancel at any time due to inclement weather or emergency without losing any money. We will simply issue you a credit that never expires! We believe in protecting our customers and giving them peace of mind, so you’ll never incur any charges or hidden fees with freedom fun. ‍

Still have questions?

If you still have more questions feel free to contact us any time.