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September 6, 2022
June 9, 2022
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Picture this:  Family Fun Together – A family of four, Mom, Dad, and Two Daughters, walking through a gigantic array of franchise offers in an enormous convention center.

There are hundreds of opportunities, almost to the point of being overwhelming. Suddenly one Daughter releases her Mom’s hand and runs, joyfully, over to an exhibition booth – that happens to be Hover Ball.  She’s captivated.

But wait! There’s more – the second Daughter runs over and immediately both girls are giggling.  These usually quiet, studious girls recognize fun when they see it!  By now, Freedom Fun’s own Zack Masters is laughing with the girls, and showing them how to play Hover Ball. And both Daughters are excitedly calling, “Mom! Dad! THIS is our new business!”

Meet the Kowis Family

Meet Kiley and Kortney Kowis, oh, and their parents too – Mary and Kelly Kowis, the newest addition to our Freedom Fun Family!  With such a high recommendation as that from their Daughters, how could Mary and Kelly refuse? FREEDOM FUN USA is after all a family run, family centered business based on creating events, parties, and experiences that are stress free for the host and an awesomely fun adventure for the guests.  Besides, it was Hover Ball!

Kourtney, Kiley & their parents were immediately drawn into the idea of making life more fun for families and friends.  It really is a wonderful idea, helping to build memories, joy, and precious time together.

The Kowis’ journey to a franchise began with the idea that they wanted a business the whole family could build together, a business that would create a legacy for the children, and would also allow the family to be together more than was possible if both parents were working full time.  Kourtney, Kiley, Mary and Kelly will all be able to participate in FREEDOM FUN – they’ll all have responsibilities and rewards of a family owned business.

We wanted something more

Mary and Kelly were both raised in Houston, yet they didn’t meet until they were adults and had their careers in place. Both were very successful in their professions, but when kids arrived, they realized they wanted something more. More for themselves and more for their children. More time to participate in raising the girls, more time for each other, in general a higher quality of life for all four of them. So, after research and discussion, they began a search for the ideal family business.

This search led them to the Franchise Exposition in Houston where they met Zack and Tim. Starting off with smiles, laughter, and joy is not a bad beginning – and after meeting with Zack and Tim, the Kowis family discussed it and made the decision together.

FREEDOM FUN USA met the requirements they were looking for: family run, family oriented, thorough, professional, with all the procedures and processes in place so they could easily jump in and hit the ground running. Mary and Kelly are awesome leaders, and Kiley and Kourtney are amazing idea gurus with lots of techie and social media know-how. What a team!! With all the paperwork in order, the Kowis family has been to training, is already getting leads, and are building a future together.

How does this family see the future? Bright, beautiful, bountiful, fun, serving their family’s needs and making life better for folks in Houston, Texas. And FREEDOM FUN USA will be right there supporting them all the way to prosperity and success!