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June 23, 2022
December 3, 2019
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Tim Masters
Zack Masters
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Thanksgiving weekend brought tons of delicious food, lots of friends and relatives, and, of course, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (in spite of high winds!) (safety concerns have been prevalent since 1997 – see why at  It was fun and fantastic at our house – lots to be thankful for, that’s certain.  Family, friends, and a new grandchild this year.  Sometimes, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude – and that includes our Freedom Fun Clients!  You have all been so generous and good to us this year.  Words fail me, but we are so grateful for you all.  Thank you so very, very much.

And, of course, Thanksgiving ushers in the Christmas Rush!  So, in the spirit of helping you not just survive, but THRIVE! this season, we want to offer you our help in planning, organizing, and, yes, enjoying your events!

New this year is our LIFE SIZE SNOW GLOBE!  Yes, it’s real!  It’s so much fun – everyone loves having their photo op time inside THE GLOBE!  You can find information and reservations at as well as seasonal specials!

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Gratitude, And Joy

Another way to create some fun is to bring your own snow!  We have a post on FaceBook about this guy:

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Gratitude, And Joy

Check out our Snowman Snow Machine — we may not have a snow storm, but you can still have a bit of a white Christmas!  You can see his amazing self at

We also have a Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Bar (yum!) seasonal special to add to your movie night along with popcorn machines and/or cotton candy machines – woohoo!  And speaking of movies, I can tell you, it’s super fun to have a giant movie screen out back, all cozy with a fire pit and blankets, hot chocolate and smores, and lots of marshmallows to roast.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Gratitude, And Joy
Thanksgiving, Christmas, Gratitude, And Joy

You can even add some virtual experiences, even virtual ski trips, to your event.  Why not give the kids some educational game time in a virtual world while you finish up your event preparations!  On our website we have options ranging from indoor experiences to outdoor light saber encounters–Whoa!  It’s awesome!  ( )

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if years from now, you, your kids, family, and friends were still telling stories about your experiences this Christmas season?  With our help, you can create your own special stories about the magic of this time of year, spend more time with the people in your life that are most important, AND keep yourself healthy, nurtured, and joyful.  Yes, we are all busy during this time, but we don’t have to be insanely busy – and Freedom Fun USA can help!  Call us at 512-981-5557 or visit us on line at for a consultation, special seasonal deals, a quote, and a friendly chat.  We can’t wait to hear from you!