Fun Party Packs from Freedom Fun USA

Published on
June 22, 2022
March 24, 2020
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Tim Masters
Zack Masters
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Safety First

All Freedom Fun USA party packs and products are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after each party, and all of our packages and products can be experienced in your living space. We will include some disinfectant wipes in the drop off tote.

Your Choice – Phone Instructions or Distance Orientation?

  • Instructions will be included with the kits as well which are dropped off at your door.
  • Super easy as we do many of these every year.

Visit the Freedom Fun blog to see how the Freedom Fun crew is taking precautions against Covid 19. If you want to do something not listed above that’s fine too. Call or text them and they’ll create a custom package just for you.

Freedom Fun USA

Freedom Fun USA is a local veteran-owned business that has been serving the Greater-Austin area for over 6 years.
To check out their full website please visit Freedom Fun USA is located in Leander and can be reached day or night via text/call at 512-981-5557 or email at

Don’t let Coronavirus ruin your fun! We at Freedom Fun USA can keep friends and family entertained in the comfort and safety of your own home.

With everyone avoiding crowded entertainment places or simply not having the option to go to one since most of them are closed down, Freedom Fun USA is here to keep you and your family playing with easy, fun party packs.

Fun Party Packs from Freedom Fun USA - Backyard Movie Theater 2

Fun Party Packs from Freedom Fun USA

Your family will have a few fun options to choose from. Rental prices are for 2 days!

Nerf Laser Tag & Virtual Reality Package

Laser Tag – Team Battle: These phoenix taggers register hits with lights, sounds & vibrations for thrilling minute to minute action. Simply turn them on and run around your yard for a healthy, adrenaline-filled game! The taggers are blue and gold so you’ll have a good idea of who you’re supposed to be shooting at.

Virtual Reality Experiences: Simply put the headset on while sitting on the couch or standing up and experience worlds that will make you forget you’re stuck in the house! Explore the world with interactive google maps, jump out of a plane and skydive through the clouds, or dive into the bottom of the ocean and interact with whales. Our headsets are fully loaded with tons of different experiences so everyone will find something they like. We guarantee it.

  • 6 Nerf Laser Taggers
  • 2 Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headsets
  • Option to add inflatable bunkers
  • $99.95 for 2 days
  • add extra day for $45
Freedom Fun USA Archery tag and VR Fun packs
Fun Party Packs from Freedom Fun USA - Backyard Archery

Backyard Archery Tag Package

Archery Tag – Capture the flag: Archery is a great new hobby to take up but people don’t have ranges or the means to learn. So pick up our bows and practice shooting with our foam-tipped arrows. Then take it up a notch and get a couple rags from your house to be labeled as flags. Set them up on opposite sides of the yard and divide into two teams. The goal is to get both flags to your base. If you get tagged you must return to your base before beginning to play again. If you have the other team’s flag, you must drop it where you’re at. First team to recover both flags wins!

  • 6 Bows
  • 6 Masks
  • 12 Arrows
  • 2 Shooting Targets
  • $99.95 for 2 days
  • add extra day for $45

Backyard Movie Theater Package

Backyard Movie Theater – Hook up a gaming console: Not a lot of people realize what our movie packages can do. You not only can binge watch your favorite movies out in the yard, but you can also hook up an XBOX or Playstation on it. Playing video games on this is epic and your kids will think you’re the coolest parent on the planet. Of course when they go to bed, you can indulge for yourself.

  • 16’ Projecto Screen
  • Speakers
  • HD Projector
  • Blu-Ray DVD Player
  • $199.95 for 2 days
  • add extra day for $45
  • Option to add popcorn maker for only $30!