Finding Dog Days

Published on
June 21, 2022
September 9, 2020
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Tim Masters
Zack Masters
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Dog Days

Finding Dog Days – One way to enjoy the cooler temperatures outside at night is to have a watch party – gather friends and family and maybe a telescope to look at the night sky, beginning with a search for The Big Dipper (one of my favorites) and The Little Dipper.  If you struggle to find The Little Dipper, here’s what to look for:

How Find The Polaris & The Big Dipper

Finding North star Polaris. Night sky with Ursa Major and Ursa Minor constellations (Little Dipper and Big Dipper). Space and astronomical design vector illustration.

Sirius Rising In The East

If you stay up all night or get up before dawn, you will see Sirius rising in the East, directly below Orion’s Belt:

East Venus Sirius Before Sunrise

While waiting for Sirius to rise, consider a movie night with friends and family:  what movies are your favorites?  What movies have you not watched in forever?  What are some classic Americana films that you’d like to share with your kids?  What movies are so engaging that they demand extra popcorn and lemonade?

FREEDOM FUN USA has just the movie screen and popcorn machine you need.

Why not rent a screen and invite your closest friends and family to join you.  Watch movies, enjoy your favorite people, then turn off all the lights and look at the stars.  The weather in Central Texas is pretty nice at night in August.  Then watch some more feel-good movies, maybe something that makes everyone laugh.  For big groups and watching from cars like a drive-in, we have a BRAND NEW GIANT screen (nicknamed The Beast) – just look how big this thing is:

The Beast Ultimate Drive In Movie

Large Outdoor Movie Aerial Shot Freedom Fun

However! If you are more of a daytime person, well! We have fun for those Dog Days too!  There’s so much to choose from – there’s Foam Parties, Water Tag, Archery Tag, Water Slides, and Sno-Cone machines!  There are lots of ways to keep everyone cool during these slow, hot, last days of summer.  Check out all the fun stuff at!

backyard foam party by freedom fun usa

Photo of kids on water slide in Austin TX at Freedom Fun Event

Our water adventure rentals are guaranteed to be the SPLASH of your party! Upgrade the slide to a water war package for even more fun. ALL OUR SLIDES ARE OVERNIGHT RENTALS!

Remember, take care and stay safe during these unusual times.  For excellent information on COVID19, visit – they have suggestions and ideas for coping, cleaning and clarifying!  Here at Freedom Fun USA, we care about you and yours, and want you to know our staff is trained in the CDC’s suggestions for sanitizing our equipment and keeping you safe.  We work hard to maintain the highest standards for cleanliness and care.

Hope to talk to you soon!